Personal page: Vlastimil Klima, Dr. (In Czech: Vlastimil Klíma)

Personal page: Vlastimil Klima, Dr. (In Czech: Vlastimil Klíma)



Born: on 19th February 1957, Czech Republic

Live in: Prague,

Wikipedia info: here
Education: 1976 - 1981:
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 1984: Doctor of Natural Sciences (DSc, Charles University)
Research: Security, Cryptology
Certificate: of Security Clearance
TOP SECRET (expired), CONFIDENTIAL (expired), RESTRICTED (valid).
My photos: are

My former colleague, a brilliant cryptologist, Ing. Tomas Rosa, Ph.D, has his web here.

Selected publications:

         Vlastimil Klima: Fast Diffusion Block for Secret Key Cryptography, IACR eprint, Report 2022/502.pdf,

         Danilo Gligoroski, Svein J. Knapskog, Mohamed El-Hadedy, Jorn Amundsen, Stig F. Mjolsnes: Cryptographic Hash Function Blue Midnight Wish, 2nd ver., Sept.15, 2009, package, description, presentation at the First SHA-3 Conference

         Vlastimil Klima, Danilo Gligoroski, Rune Steinsmo Odegard, Marija Mihova, Svein Johan Knapskog, Ljupco Kocarev, Ale Dr pal: Cryptographic Hash Function EDON-R, package, Jan 12, 2009, presentation at the First SHA-3 Conference

         Vlastimil Klima, Danilo Gligoroski: Generic collision attacks on narrow-pipe hash functions faster than birthday paradox, applicable to MDx, SHA-1, SHA-2, and SHA-3 narrow-pipe candidates, IACR eprint, Report 2010/430, pdf.

         Vlastimil Klima, Danilo Gligoroski: On the Computational Asymmetry of the S-boxes, ICT Innovations 2009, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2010, pp. 391 - 400, Information on ICT Innovations 2009, Sept. 28 - 30, Ohrid, R. Macedonia, pdf,

         Vlastimil Klima: About a new generation of block ciphers and hash functions - DN and HDN, Security and Protection of Information, May 2 4, 2007, Brno, Czech Republic,, paper.pdf, presentation.pdf

         Vlastimil Klima: Tunnels in Hash Functions: MD5 Collisions Within a Minute, IACR ePrint archive Report 2006/105 , 18 March, 2006, source code

         Vlastimil Klima: Finding MD5 Collisions a Toy For a Notebook, 5th March, 2005, IACR ePrint archive, Report 2005/075

         Vlastimil Klima, Ondrej Pokorny, Tomas Rosa: Attacking RSA-based Sessions in SSL/TLS, presented at CHES 2003, pp. 426-440, Springer-Verlag, 2003, Preliminary version: IACR ePrint archive Report 2003/052

         Vlastimil Klima, Tomas Rosa: Attack on Private Signature Keys of the OpenPGP format, PGP (TM) Programs and Other Applications Compatible with OpenPGP, IACR ePrint archive Report 2002/076, March 2001

         Vlastimil Klima, Tomas Rosa: Further Results and Considerations on Side Channel Attacks on RSA, CHES 2002 , pp. 245-260, Springer-Verlag, 2002, IACR ePrint archive Report 2002/071

         Lectures: Applied Cryptography, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, 2003 - 2007

         Archive of my publications: 1993_2024,

Some incomplete homepages to selected areas:

         NIST SHA-3 contest and Blue Midnight Wish (homepage)

         Block cipher DN, hash function HDN, Hash Functions SNMAC (homepage)

         MD5 collisions and Tunneling - the fastest method and program in the world (homepage)

         Breaking SSL/TLS (homepage)

         Breaking private PGP signature keys (homepage):

Professional History:

         2004 - yet Independent cryptologist & consultant

         2011 - 2020 Court expert in cybernetics and cryptography, named by Minister of Justice of Czech Rep., on Nov 3, 2011 pdf.

         2009 2014 CEO of the company KNZ, Ltd.

         2004 - 2004 Cryptologist with Czech security company LEC

         1997 - 2003 Cryptologist with Czech security company DECROS and ICZ

         1996 - 1997 Cryptologist with Czech security company AEC

         1995 - 1996 Cryptologist with Czech security company DECROS and ICZ

         1994 - 1995 Cryptologist with German security company Tele Security Timmann

         1993 - 1994 Cryptologist with two Czech security companies

         1991 - 1992 Chief of R&D group, the Federal Ministry of Defense,

         1982 - 1991 Chief of R&D group, Czech National Security Authority.


As a cryptologist I cooperated in these projects:

         2011 2020 projects for Courts, Police, Special Services,

         2015 - projects Cryptelo, Babel,

         2014 - project for ANECT (ALUCID, ADUCID),

         2013 - project with ModemTec, a.s.

         2005 2013 projects for the Czech National Security Authority,

         2012 - projects for Orcave, a.s., ANECT,a.s., LOGOMOTION,a.s., Czech Police, ModemTec,

         2011 - projects for INTRIPLE, a.s., ANECT,a.s., LOGOMOTION,a.s., Czech Police, ModemTec,

         2008 2009 crypto and security for bank. system, securing GSM system, securing WAN of smart electrometers,

         2008 2010, BMW, EDON-R, candidates for NIST SHA-3,

         2007 2008, gigabit encryption device, lottery RNG, mobile banking system, ticket system,

         2007 - special block cipher family DN and hash function family HDN,

         2007 - securing GSM communication system,

         2006 - security of a biometric system,

         2006 - new generation of hash functions SNMAC,

         2006 - MD5 collisions, discovering tunnels in MD5,

         2005 - MD5 collisions, disclosing the Wang s method, my own proposals of multi-message modification methods,

         2004 - securing European train communication system, securing SMS in GSM; military type of projects,

         2001 2003, analysis of OpenPGP, RSA-OAEP, RSA-KEM, CBC, SSL/TLS,

         2001 2002, projects for the Czech National Security Authority, for protection of classified information,

         2000 - the first Czech Cryptographic Service Provider for MS WindowsNT, certified by the Czech NSA for protection of classified information

         1999 - 2014, co-editor of Czech crypto-news server and e-zin Crypto-world, ISSN 1801-2140 (in Czech only): security-news, crypto-news, my papers

         1995 - the first world system for on-the-fly file encryption for Windows95,

         1996 - the first Czech elliptic-curve public-key encryption system (Ellipt),

         1995 - family of proprietary commercial encryption algorithms (WinCros),

         1994 - authentication and encryption device for the X.25 network,

         1993 - the first Czech encryption chip (SIC 5000),

         1993 - various SW encryption programmes,

         1982 1992, classified R&D,

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January 1, 2024