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Vlastimil Klima: Tunnels in Hash Functions: MD5 Collisions Within a Minute (extended abstract), IACR ePrint archive Report 2006/105 , 18 March, 2006, pdf: English ,Czech , the source code version 0 (non optimized), the source code version 1 (a collision in 31 seconds on a notebook).

Giuseppe Vitto from the University of Trento (Italy) rewrited the code. The github repository is located at .

Give me any three files and I will give you another three with the same MD5 hash... More info The program pack3 was written by Ondrej Mikle. It is based on MD5 collision program by Vlastimil Klima. Usage: pack3 file1 file2 file3 file4 file5 file6 will create two packages, package1.exe and package2.exe. Both will have the same MD5 sum, while package1.exe will extract files 1-3 and package2.exe will extract files 4-6.

Pavel Dufek: Modification of Klima´s program (version 1), this modified program enables to choose the initialization value as a program parameter. It creates new text and binary files, also. The source code and executable program is here .

Vlastimil Klima: Finding MD5 Collisions on a Notebook PC Using Multi-message Modifications, IACR ePrint archive, Report 2005/102, pdf: English, Czech, March 31, 2005, 3rd Int. Conference Security and Protection of Information 2005, Brno, Czech Republic, May 3 - 5, 2005, powerpoint presentation.

Vlastimil Klima: Finding MD5 Collisions – a Toy For a Notebook, Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2005/075, pdf: English, Czech, March 5, 2005.