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Vlastimil Klima: Special block cipher family DN and new generation SNMAC-type hash function family HDN, IACR ePrint archive Report 2007/050 , February, 2007, paper: English ,Czech .

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Vlastimil Klíma: New generation of hash functions SNMAC, Santa´s Crypto Get-Together, MKB 2006,Praha, Hotel Olympik, December, 7. – 8., 2006, presentation (in Czech), paper (in Czech).

Vlastimil Klima: A New Concept of Hash Functions SNMAC Using a Special Block Cipher and NMAC/HMAC Constructions, IACR ePrint archive Report 2006/376 , October, 2006, paper: English ,Czech .

Tests of the functions DN and HDN in C language, according to the paper. Programmed by Milan Zamostny. Freeware.